How Do Men React to Women Going Through Menopause

Approaching menopause can be confusing and hard enough, but how your mate reacts can make things better or worse. First of all no man on this earth can even begin to imagine what women go through. A man could be a doctor who has studied the affects of menopause for one hundred years, but men do not understand. Some men will simply admit it and try to be understanding, but most will get offended and frustrated. And that only makes matters worse.

What Many Men Seem to Think or Feel

1. She's faking all these mood swings
2. She's not having hot flashes it's all in her head
3. She's just being a b.tch
4. She's probably cheating, and saying she has no sex-drive
5. Women use hormones as an excuse for their crazy behavior

Men react to menopause and their feelings in many ways. Some men become really confused and feel like they have no idea who the woman they have been with for years is. Some men fear their new "angry" woman. They may sleep in a spare room or on the couch just to avoid their moody mate. Some men turn to other woman. Few men will talk to their woman about how they feel, but many will talk to other guys about their woman's behavior.

What Some Women May Feel About Their Man When He is Un-Supportive

1. He don't care about what I'm going through
2. He's so darn selfish
3. He's so immature
4. He doesn't love me if he did he'd be more understanding
5. All he cares about is sex

This is in no way all the different emotions men and women go through, but it's some of the most common feelings. Menopause is real, hormones affect many aspects of a woman's physical and emotional health.

Couples who manage to make it through menopause together usually do it by educating themselves, communication is one of the most important steps. Talk to each other, get professional help if you need to.
There is a lot of helpful information for men and woman available.

Men, you need to understand that your woman has never been through menopause before, so the changes she is experiencing are new to her. She is frustrated and needs your love, understanding and compassion now more than ever.

Fellows here are a couple of resources to get you started that you may find insightful and helpful.

A Guys Guide to Menopause

Is My Wife's Menopause the End of Sexual Intimacy in Our Marriage

Menopause is not the end of what you once had it's a journey you take together as you enter into a new chapter of your relationship. So, fellows don't take it personal. 

Why You Should Forgive Loved Ones Who Hurt You

If you have never been hurt by someone you love then you are unique. Human beings are not perfect, people in our lives that we care for, love and feel loved by will let us down. Sometimes this can be intentional and other times it's not on purpose, but love can hurt. So, what do you do?

Well, I know many people that will hold a grudge and refuse to forgive someone who has hurt them. No way, they did this to me, or that to me, I'll never talk to them again. And this happens all to often in families, sad but true. I'm sure you know some family members who are mad at each other.

The fact of the matter, forgiving is healing. When you forgive someone you are letting go of the hurt, anger, sadness or whatever feelings it has left you with. This frees you and allows you to move on. You don't even have to tell the person you forgive them. In some relationships, waiting for the other person to ask for your forgiveness is like hoping to hit the lottery; the odds are ... well you get the point.

So, do yourself a favor and forgive others! Holding on to the hurt and anger is useless, and if you think about it the other person is probably living their lives and not even thinking about how they did you wrong. Let it go and you will feel so much better. Sure, you may never forget but you will find peace when you forgive!

Dating a Divorced Man with an Evil Ex

One of my favorite shows is "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and another is "Happily Divorced," but neither seem like reality. The story-lines are very entertaining, they make me laugh and think. The first is funny because many of the episodes refer to the situation as not normal. The latter is hilarious because Fran and her ex still live together.

Okay, old Christine and Richard have a child and it's awesome that they show a positive relationship and do what is right for their son. But how many ex wives get along with a new girlfriend? Hey, I also watch "Cheaters" and "Divorce Court" both which show a more realistic version of what probably goes on. How many woman in a relationship would accept, or should have to accept their man calling their ex-wife their best friend? Marriages and relationships between two people should be about them being best friends with a bond that is special. Just saying.

Most ex-wives that I know are very spiteful and can't let go; even if they ended the marriage. Some fake the "I'm okay with his moving on and wish him all the best," but beware they are usually sneaky and secretly want to ruin their ex-husbands new relationship. Now, there are some rare cases where an ex is sincere and could care less; those are strong, self-confident women.

If you're in a relationship with a divorced man who has an evil ex-wife and she is making your life miserable you need to have a heart to heart with him. As far as the ex goes if children are involved be responsible and keep their best interest in mind...but if there are no kids or they are grown then ladies you better put your foot down. Sometimes you have to let the ex know she had her opportunity, she's the past and now it's time to let go, move on and get to stepping.

How to Deal with a Difficult Mother in Law that is Making You Miserable

Is your mother in law making your life miserable? If you are always holding back from just telling her how you feel then take a deep breath and exhale. You do know you're not alone, right. If you are dealing with a difficult mother in law she probably don't know her place in your marriage.

It's true, there are some mothers that think they have a right to butt in and dictate how your marriage should be. I think daughter in laws have this problem more than guys.

The Sly Molders 

Some women want to mold their son's wife into the type of wife they think their son should have. They try to get you to treat their baby boy exactly as they do. These mothers are often sneaky, they'll try to make you think they are just being nice and offering suggestions. But their sly ways become annoying and obvious.

The Nosy Mother in Law 

These can be a real pain, they are like detectives always prying because they need to know everything that goes on in your relationship. They can be manipulative and make you think they are just being friendly and loving.

The I Can Fix Everything Mother in Law

This is the type that thinks it's their job to tell you how to deal with problems. They believe mother knows best, but the real problem is that they can't accept the fact that their baby is a grown-up.

The Disappointed Matchmaker Mother 

And of course there are mothers who just don't like the partner their child has chosen. Since giving birth they planned the perfect mate for their son or daughter, but he chose you. This is a really difficult one to deal with because in their mind you're not the right match for their child. They have issues with everything about you, no matter how hard you to try to get along with this mother in law  she will never be happy.

The "Rosemary's Baby" Mother in Law 

You carry the baby and give birth then she wants to take over. Why not, she did raise your spouse. Well, she is not your child's mother you are, she is grandma and should stay in her place. Advice is nice and can be very helpful, but as soon as you realize that granny thinks she's mom you need to deal with this before it becomes a serious problem.

I could go on and on, but I'm sure you know what type yours is.

How to Keep Your Difficult Mother in Law From Ruining Your Marriage

Sure you want to scream and say what's on your mind, but don't do that. I would suggest that you talk to your spouse, but remember this is their mother your talking about so chose your words carefully and be respectful. Timing is another thing to consider before you approach your mate; after all you are in a sense complaining about their mom.

The reason I say talk to your spouse is because that is who you married and took vows with. You have to trust in your love and communicate how you feel. Sometimes they don't even realize that there is a problem because it's their mother and they are used to her ways. 

Do You Have Plans for Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again, Valentine's Day is around the corner, so what are your plans to celebrate? If you are in a new relationship then the box of chocolates and a card will probably be special, but for couples who have been together it may be time to try something new. Need some ideas...

Why Do Men Like Dirty Talk

You probably know that words are powerful, just think about how you feel and react when someone says something rude. It has an affect on your emotions and body, you may get angry start breathing heavy, your blood pressure might rise. How about when a man gives you a compliment or whistles at you, it makes you "feel" good and attractive, right. Well, saying certain things to a guy is like foreplay for him, what he hears makes him feel something and he reacts to what he is feeling. Why do you think adult talk lines are so popular? No, not because men are pigs because they are sexual beings with needs that are different than a woman's.

Why Do People in Relationships Cheat

Cheating is so common that there is a television show called "Cheaters" which helps people confirm if their partner is in fact doing the do with someone else. You see the anger, guilt, tears and lies that cheaters tell even after being caught.

Holiday's and Family Relationships

It's that time of year again, when you see family and friends that you may not have seen in a long time. This can be a joyful or in some cases not so pleasant experience. We all have that one relative that can annoy everyone, you know that "aunt" or "uncle" who may get tipsy and loud.

Would You Want to Be With Someone Else

Think about it for a moment, would you really want to be in a relationship with someone else. Sometimes in a marriage or committed relationship you feel like it's not working and you'd rather be with someone other than your mate. As time passes and you get to know a person you are faced with all of their good qualities and bad ones; this is when one tends to wonder if they are with the right person.

Domestic Abuse Against Men is Real

Violence is wrong no matter what the offender's gender is, and women who abuse men need to face the same consequences as men. Sadly, most men who are abused do not tell. For decades society has taught us that it's not manly to complain about being hit, scratched, pushed or otherwise by a woman; hush and take it like a man.

Why Do You Love Your Mate

Do you love your wife, husband, partner because you need them? Or, do you need them because you love them? This is something you need to think about. Have you ever watched Divorce Court? Judge Toler sometimes gives couples a questionaire to fill out before the show, or sometimes she gives each person sixty seconds to explain what they like and love most about their mate.

Couples Who Love Eachother are Supportive not Demanding

Being in a relationship or married does not mean you are no longer an individual, yes compromising is important. What seems to happen in a lot of relationships is that one person does all the sacrificing and the other becomes more and more demanding and controlling. When it becomes impossible to be who they want you to be things get crazy.

Would You Have Lied in Court Like Shellie Zimmerman?

Most women would not lie in a court, but George Zimmerman's wife did just that, she testified and lied about their financial circumstances. Relationships should be based on trust, love and loyalty but Shellie Zimmerman really messed up. What the heck are these people thinking? We can just lie our way out of a murder charge and get away with it, or did they have some underlying plans. Well, Shellie Zimmerman was arrested for perjury and rightfully so, how dare she testify in a court and lie. What about daddy and the rest of the crew? They all testified that George Zimmerman was basically broke so he could get a low bail.

Women Who Lie About Who's the Baby's Daddy

Have you ever watched a show where a woman said she knew 100% who her baby's daddy is only to have a DNA prove she's wrong. The man is usually hurt or angry when the results come back, this is often because he had reason to believe he wasn't the daddy, but raised the child as his own anyway. This is no joke and women need to stop playing games, if you sleep around and don't know who the heck got you pregnant get a DNA right away. Some of these females actually let years go by, the kid bonds with the person they "think" is their dad and then the truth comes out and turns their world upside down.

Or they grow up fatherless cause mommy has no idea who daddy is...then you have women who know the man raising their child is not the father, but they let the child believe he is and eventually the kid finds out; they always do, and it's devastating. Don't play games with a child's self-worth and identity. If he's not the father, be honest. Damn this makes me mad. It's okay to have someone raise a child as their own if he knows he's not the biological father, but don't let the kid grow up living a lie.

Should You Snoop in a Relationship

No, it's an invasion of someone's privacy. Relationships should be based on love and trust, and if there is no trust there probably isn't much real love either. Sorry, but you don't have the right to go through your partner's email, phone or anything else searching for evidence to prove that they are doing something behind your back.

Go snooping and you will find something, real or imagined. If you are insecure or feel suspicious talk to your mate, tell them what you are feeling or thinking. This may sound foolish especially if you have caught your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend lying to you in the past, but it's the mature thing to do.

Has Your Man Stopped Being Romantic?

Do you think men are “super complicated?”

If you do, you’re not alone. Most women wish that men came with an instruction manual… Getting a man to be “romantic” is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack, and I'm not talking about getting them in the mood that's a different ball game altogether. Well, thousands of women are discovering that rekindling the “secret romantic” in their man is as easy as pressing a few buttons on their cell-phone and sending a couple of “special” messages. Since I'm not big on the whole text thing, I do believe that what you say to a man can make a huge difference.

Most men want romance, but many of them are just too emotionally closed-off. And shy or not I doubt most men will actually tell a woman how they really feel, not what they want, but how they "feel." You know, open up emotionally and get mushy and intimate. So how can a woman bring out what's deep inside a man? Well, I have to agree with one thing, men are visual beings and reading a few text messages can create a picture for him and give him permission to be romantic again. Why do I say again?

Ladies remember how sweet and romantic he was when you first met? Most guys go over-board in the beginning, and then they seem to pull back. Relationship expert Michael Fiore, in this quick video addresses the real reason romance “dies” in most relationships…from a man's perspective. Is there really three things your man needs

Can a Relationship be Repaired after an Affair

Have you ever watched the television show about cheaters? After viewing a few episodes it made me feel a bit upset because it seemed like the main goal was to prove your mate was guilty of having an affair, and then end the relationship. At least that what the show left me thinking based on the times I watched it. Now, I could be wrong and perhaps the people investigating or the producers of the show do offer some sort of resources to help save a marriage after someone cheats.

Anyone in a committed relationship or who took vows and is married that goes out an has a fling causes undeniable pain and suffering to their partner. It is wrong, selfish and may seem like an unforgivable form of betrayal. However, does it always mean that there is no hope for the marriage? Is divorce the only answer, or is it possible to over-come the pain, distrust and guilt (yes, cheaters can feel extremely guilty and have sincere regret) that an affair causes.

The effects of an affair can be very severe, it can destroy families and tear homes apart. No one can deny that, right. One sad fact is that often the person who was betrayed is left feeling like something is wrong with them, and left wondering what they did to cause their mate to stray. You try to fix yourself. It's a devastating feeling to be cheated on, I've been there and know how it can tear you apart mentally, emotionally and physically.

To trust someone with your love and heart only to have it walked on is in many senses one of the worse feelings in the world. It can leave you so depressed that you lose sleep, can't focus on day to day task, don't eat or over-eat, it's horrible. Then you are faced with a big decision, do you end the marriage or can you save your relationship.

What makes it even harder is you never stopped loving your partner, but now you wonder whether or not they ever loved you. This is a very tough time to go through, and even more so if children are involved. Add the fact that most cheaters try extra hard to convince you of how sorry they are, how much you mean to them and in many cases beg you for another chance. So, what should you do?

There is a book available by Kara Oh which takes a very different approach to dealing with repairing a marriage after an affair. In case you never heard of her she is relationship coach, best selling author, she does seminar's and more. But what's more important is she has personally experienced being cheated on by her husband of twenty-nine years!

 Kara's e-book called Affair Repair focuses on how to use the hardship of an affair to learn from it and save your marriage, make your relationship stronger rather than tossing in the towel. Get more details and look over the summary of what this book is all about, it inspires hope rather than encouraging separation or divorce.

Would You Date or Marry an Inmate

Could you fall in love with someone who is in prison? Would you marry an inmate who is doing a life sentence? The fact of the matter is many people, men and women, fall in love with someone who is locked up. Is this a bad thing or is it simply true love?

There is a lot of questions asked about the person who is free and dedicates their life to another who is not and may never be free. Many people reach out to prisoners out of compassion, probably just as a pen pal. However, there seems to be this mysteriousness about the person doing time that just touches their outside pal. Some say it's mostly women who fall in love with those who are unavailable because it feels safer, but men also commit to a relationship with someone who is not available.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Say "I Do" Again

This is a couple that makes me smile, they are so beautiful together. Personally, I admire Mariah Carey and Nick's  renewal of vows and think more people should work at keeping their relationship solid and loving rather than running to divorce court. The Mail Online website has some really nice photos of this renewal of vows, check it out. Gotta love Nick's socks they are too cute!

I admire true love, romance and keeping the sparks flying in marriage and committed relationships, however, if it's an unhealthy or abusive relationship my opinion is get out.

Why Do Women Cheat

Yes, ladies do stray too. We give men a hard time when they cheat, so in all fairness let's be honest women are doing a lot more cheating these days. Personally, I think that the reasons may be a little different though. It seems that a man will seek the comfort of another woman when their physical needs aren't met, but some guys are looking for the same thing that females want; companionship.

Women usually are looking for an emotional connection, but some do cheat just for the sexual gratification or at least to feel attractive and wanted. This usually happens when their husband or boyfriend has stopped showing interest in them.

What's interesting is that many men simply want the same thing as we do, to feel wanted and desired. Either way it's a sign that something is wrong in the relationship or marriage. So fellows if you are not showing her attention and she is working later, or spending a lot of time doing things she didn't used to it's time to start wooing her again.

And ladies before you rush off into the arms or bed of another man try communicating your feelings to your man or husband; the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence, although it may seem that way sometimes.

If you truly love your mate at least try to work things out, affairs often destroy a relationship. Check out this article about why women cheat on Askmen, it's really an interesting read and eye-opener.