Would You Want to Be With Someone Else

Think about it for a moment, would you really want to be in a relationship with someone else. Sometimes in a marriage or committed relationship you feel like it's not working and you'd rather be with someone other than your mate. As time passes and you get to know a person you are faced with all of their good qualities and bad ones; this is when one tends to wonder if they are with the right person.

True love last longer than the initial infatuation, it endures and is not conditional. You fall in love
with a person and feel as if you are floating on a cloud, but then things begin to change and little things about your sweetheart begin to annoy you. Suddenly, you don't feel like your in love anymore. Thoughts of ending the relationship or divorce creep into your mind because you want the loving feeling back.

This is when you need to consider what it is you truly want in a relationship. If you want the perfect mate then your expectations may be unrealistic, we all have imperfections. Breaking up and starting over may sound like the right choice, and you are likely to meet someone else who brings back those wonderful feelings; all relationships begin with attractions and infatuation.

The question is do you love your partner unconditionally, or would you really want to be with someone else. Just because things aren't exactly as they were in the beginning doesn't mean your marriage or relationship isn't one worth staying in. It's easy to fall in love, but it takes true love and work to make a relationship last forever. If you love the person you are with unconditionally it will be easy to say, "I'd rather be with you than someone else."

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