How to Deal with a Difficult Mother in Law that is Making You Miserable

Is your mother in law making your life miserable? If you are always holding back from just telling her how you feel then take a deep breath and exhale. You do know you're not alone, right. If you are dealing with a difficult mother in law she probably don't know her place in your marriage.

It's true, there are some mothers that think they have a right to butt in and dictate how your marriage should be. I think daughter in laws have this problem more than guys.

The Sly Molders 

Some women want to mold their son's wife into the type of wife they think their son should have. They try to get you to treat their baby boy exactly as they do. These mothers are often sneaky, they'll try to make you think they are just being nice and offering suggestions. But their sly ways become annoying and obvious.

The Nosy Mother in Law 

These can be a real pain, they are like detectives always prying because they need to know everything that goes on in your relationship. They can be manipulative and make you think they are just being friendly and loving.

The I Can Fix Everything Mother in Law

This is the type that thinks it's their job to tell you how to deal with problems. They believe mother knows best, but the real problem is that they can't accept the fact that their baby is a grown-up.

The Disappointed Matchmaker Mother 

And of course there are mothers who just don't like the partner their child has chosen. Since giving birth they planned the perfect mate for their son or daughter, but he chose you. This is a really difficult one to deal with because in their mind you're not the right match for their child. They have issues with everything about you, no matter how hard you to try to get along with this mother in law  she will never be happy.

The "Rosemary's Baby" Mother in Law 

You carry the baby and give birth then she wants to take over. Why not, she did raise your spouse. Well, she is not your child's mother you are, she is grandma and should stay in her place. Advice is nice and can be very helpful, but as soon as you realize that granny thinks she's mom you need to deal with this before it becomes a serious problem.

I could go on and on, but I'm sure you know what type yours is.

How to Keep Your Difficult Mother in Law From Ruining Your Marriage

Sure you want to scream and say what's on your mind, but don't do that. I would suggest that you talk to your spouse, but remember this is their mother your talking about so chose your words carefully and be respectful. Timing is another thing to consider before you approach your mate; after all you are in a sense complaining about their mom.

The reason I say talk to your spouse is because that is who you married and took vows with. You have to trust in your love and communicate how you feel. Sometimes they don't even realize that there is a problem because it's their mother and they are used to her ways. 


  1. I am not married and I don't have any mother in law. But I can relate to this situation because I have a step sister and she's actually having a problem. She and her mother in law are not in good terms always. They usually fight about how my sister takes care of their children.

  2. The bad thing is that the mother-in-law will always try to know about her son/daughter's married life and meddle with it.


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