Dating a Divorced Man with an Evil Ex

One of my favorite shows is "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and another is "Happily Divorced," but neither seem like reality. The story-lines are very entertaining, they make me laugh and think. The first is funny because many of the episodes refer to the situation as not normal. The latter is hilarious because Fran and her ex still live together.

Okay, old Christine and Richard have a child and it's awesome that they show a positive relationship and do what is right for their son. But how many ex wives get along with a new girlfriend? Hey, I also watch "Cheaters" and "Divorce Court" both which show a more realistic version of what probably goes on. How many woman in a relationship would accept, or should have to accept their man calling their ex-wife their best friend? Marriages and relationships between two people should be about them being best friends with a bond that is special. Just saying.

Most ex-wives that I know are very spiteful and can't let go; even if they ended the marriage. Some fake the "I'm okay with his moving on and wish him all the best," but beware they are usually sneaky and secretly want to ruin their ex-husbands new relationship. Now, there are some rare cases where an ex is sincere and could care less; those are strong, self-confident women.

If you're in a relationship with a divorced man who has an evil ex-wife and she is making your life miserable you need to have a heart to heart with him. As far as the ex goes if children are involved be responsible and keep their best interest in mind...but if there are no kids or they are grown then ladies you better put your foot down. Sometimes you have to let the ex know she had her opportunity, she's the past and now it's time to let go, move on and get to stepping.


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